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Julia GashSussex Art Print
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LinescapesWorthing Pier Sun Print
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Harriet ButlerHot to Trot
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Harriet ButlerBrighton
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Gill Bustamante ArtistNuminous
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Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Sussex artistry. Our curated selection showcases the talent of local artists who draw inspiration from our stunning surroundings. From striking prints of Brighton's iconic landmarks to the serene beauty of South Downs art, our collection is a celebration of the vibrant artistic spirit that defines Sussex. Find the perfect Sussex art gift for yourself or a loved one, and support local artists in their creative journey.

Prints of Brighton

Explore our exclusive Prints of Brighton collection, capturing the essence of this dynamic city in every brushstroke. From the iconic pier to the charming lanes, each print is a visual ode to the unique charm of Brighton. Elevate your space with these timeless pieces that celebrate the spirit of this coastal gem.

South Downs Art

Indulge in the serenity of South Downs art, where rolling hills and breathtaking landscapes come to life on canvas. Our carefully curated collection showcases the talent of local artists who translate the beauty of the South Downs into captivating artworks. Discover the perfect piece to bring the tranquility of the South Downs into your home.