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Julia GashSussex Art Print
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Gill Bustamante ArtistNuminous
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Gill Bustamante ArtistAthenas Owl
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Gill Bustamante ArtistEmanation
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South Downs Art & Paintings

Nestled in rolling chalk hills, with dramatic coastlines and peaceful countryside, a piece of art of the South Downs is the perfect addition to any home or space. The UK’s newest national park, Sussex and the South Downs have left a permanent mark on the history and culture of the UK. 

Our collection of South Downs features a diverse array of paintings and prints by talented local artists that pay homage to Sussex's most cherished landscapes and landmarks. From the rugged beauty of Beachy Head to the tranquil meadows of the South Downs and the captivating Ashdown forest, our selection of South Downs paintings and prints captures the essence of Sussex, allowing you to bring its allure into your home.

The perfect gift for a friend or loved one, or simply a treat for yourself, each piece tells a story. Whether you’re looking for a striking piece of wall art to brighten up your living space or a unique gift that encapsulates the spirit of Sussex, our collection has something for everyone. Fancy sending something to a loved one? Explore our range of artisan Sussex greetings cards.

We’re proud to support local artists and creatives who take inspiration from the landscapes that surround us, and in turn, give back to the beauty and history of Sussex and the South Downs. Our South Downs art can be available both framed and unframed, based on the seller, allowing you to add your own personality and flair to your new artwork.