Sitio Serrinha, Brazil
Sitio Serrinha, Brazil
Sitio Serrinha, Brazil
Sitio Serrinha, Brazil

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Sitio Serrinha, Brazil

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Tasting notes:

Caramel, milk chocolate, peach

Coffee info:

  • Producer: Fernando Rosa Alves
  • Location: Campestre - Sul de Minas, Brazil
  • Elevation: 1250 masl
  • Variety: Yellow Catuai
  • Process: Natural

Farm info:

A very high quality coffee from Fazenda Serrinha in Brazil. Unusually fruity (particularly peachy) and complex but with the typical chocolatey sweetness you would expect from a Brazilian coffee.

Fernando Rosa's family has a long and proud history in the coffee farming industry, with roots stretching back to his great-grandfather's time. This tradition has been passed down through the generations, with Fernando's sons, Junior and Fábio, even going so far as to receive formal agricultural training in order to improve their work in the field. Eunice, Fernando's wife, also plays a vital role in the production process, particularly when it comes to the post-harvest of Fazenda Serrinha's lots.

Located in the heart of the Brazilian countryside, Fazenda Serrinha is a picturesque and well-organized farm. The farm's simple but effective structure allows for efficient coffee production. The family processes both natural and pulped natural coffee lots in the patios, using careful techniques to ensure the highest quality. They also have a dryer on site to finish a few of the lots.

The farm itself is situated in an area with a well-balanced ecosystem, featuring a significant amount of forest and refreshing eucalyptus trees near the entrance. This microclimate helps to create the perfect conditions for coffee production, with the trees providing a welcome respite from the hot sun and the forest offering shelter and shade.

In addition to coffee, Fernando also grows a variety of fruits and vegetables for the family's consumption. This helps to create a self-sustaining ecosystem on the farm, with everything the family needs to thrive being produced right on the property.

One interesting aspect of Fazenda Serrinha is that it produces both natural and pulped natural coffee, around a 50:50 split. Traditionally producers of this region would be more focused on natural coffees but, because of a shortage of drying sapce, Fernando opts to depulp half of the coffee he produces as it dries quicker and allows him to make the most of the things he has.

At Fazenda Serrinha, the family is committed to producing the highest quality coffee possible. From the planting and cultivation of the coffee plants and the post harvest processing every step of the production process is carried out with care and attention to detail. The family's passion for coffee is evident in every cup and it is this dedication that has helped to make their farm a success.


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