Selection Box of Caramels


Selection Box of Caramels

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📍Crafted in Hassocks, West Sussex

That's right, J.Cocoa has branched out into flavoured caramels and you have not one, but TWO options to choose from!


Our very first selection box, this reads like a Greatest Hits of J.Cocoa's limited edition caramels!

Two Festive Black Spiced Rum Caramels

Two Romantic Passion Fruit Caramels

Two Eggscellent Ginger Caramels


Flavours for the more adventurous type!

Two Banana Caramels

Two Miso Caramels

Two Black Peppercorn Caramels


Ingredients: Gran Nativo cacao beans, organic unrefined cane sugar, coconut cream, golden syrup, organic cocoa butter, black spiced rum/ginger/passion fruit juice/banana powder/red miso/black peppercorn, maize maltodextrin, citric acid

Suitable for vegans (Min 72% cocoa solids)

Store in a cool dry environment

Flavours:Rum - Ginger - Passionfruit

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