El Aguila, Colombia
El Aguila, Colombia
El Aguila, Colombia
El Aguila, Colombia

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El Aguila, Colombia

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Tasting notes: 

Honey sweetness, plum and rich chocolate

Coffee info:

Producer: El Aguila
Location: Valle del Cauca
Elevation: 1600 - 2000 masl
Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Variedad Colombia
Process: Washed

Farm info:

This stunning Colombian coffee was brought to us by Raw Material, a Community Investment Company (CIC) where 100% of profits are put to work to create economic freedom for coffee producers who are most marginalised.

This coffee comes from El Aguila, an association of 93 producers spread across an incredibly unique stretch of mountains in the Tatami National Park. This geographical transition between the Andes and the Pacific Area of Colombia is biologically abundant, and an impeccable place for coffee production.

Raw Material has supported the El Aguila association in many ways and in particular through in-depth training courses and qualitative cuppings, creating a perfect opportunity for them to share their knowledge of coffee production, whilst learning from the 93 producers themselves.

You can discover more about the great work done by Raw Material here: https://www.rawmaterial.coffee/vision


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